An Incomplete List of Graduation Awards Earned by Graduating Members of Delta of North Carolina

Why incomplete? We know that departments and programs give numerous awards in recognition of their talented graduating seniors, and not all may be publicly announced. But the following members represent high achievement across the breadth of the liberal arts, and it is delightful to bring their 2023 awards to your attention. Know of another member who received a graduation award? Please share this information with the Chapter Secretary.

The Department of Anthropology Outstanding Senior Award, Lydia Evans
Award for Outstanding Research in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Brendan Lemezis
The John Y. Phillips Prize in Mathematics, Ashley Peake
The Knox Dance Scholar Award, Gretchen Castelloe
Award for Outstanding Senior in Arabic, Lillian Giles
The Robert C. Beck Excellence in Psychology Award, Madeline Alexanian
The Wake Forest University Theatre Association Award for Academic Excellence, Ruisi Nicole Liu
The Harold Dawes Parcell Award for Excellence in French, Sophie Lee
The Gregory D. Pritchard Scholar Award in Philosophy, Arianna Komorsky
The H. Broadus Jones Senior Award for Excellence in English, Chris Keiser
Outstanding Graduate in Music  Performance, Alice Hauser
M. Stanley Whitley Award for Excellence in Linguistics, Caroline Brady
The Anne Boyle Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, Ashley Davis
The C.H. Richards Award for Excellence in Politics & International Affairs, Emily Hellwig
Recognition as Senior Orator, Lillian Giles

The William C. & Ruth N. Archie Award is presented to the senior who has most demonstrated a commitment to liberal learning, scholarship, and the ideals of Wake Forest College. The 2023 Archie Award winner, Arianna Komorsky,  was inducted into Delta of North Carolina in April 2022.


Congratulations to the Phi Beta Kappa Members Receiving the 2023 C. P. West Award

The following members of Delta of North Carolina shared the 2023 C. P. West Award, given annually to the Wake Forest University senior or seniors graduating with the highest GPA:

Christopher  Thomas Keiser – English
Arianna Sara Komorsky – Philosophy

Ashley A Peake – Applied Mathematics
Madison P Shaver- Psychology
Grace Alexandra Stanek- Mathematical Business

Warmest congratulations to these high achieving scholars! They were recognized at the 2023 Honors & Awards Ceremony in Brendle Auditorium on Sunday, May 14.