Junior and senior students who will graduate with a major in the College of Arts and Sciences are automatically considered for membership in Phi Beta Kappa; no application is required. Elections are by confidential ballot of the faculty and staff who are members of the chapter.  Invitations are extended to students based upon their cumulative grade point average, their character, and their commitment to the liberal arts.

Students with majors in the Business School who have taken 90 semester hours of courses in the liberal arts may petition for consideration. Please contact the chapter secretary for details.

Approximately 8% of the senior class is invited; in recent years the lowest grade point average in the group was above 3.9. The top 2% of the junior class is invited; the lowest GPA in that group was above 3.95 last year.  These figures should not be construed as guarantees; our selection process is confidential and the precise cut off changes from year to year. There are different standards for students who present credit from other universities.